THE GO WEST! Color Run™

September 16 2017
Green Hills Stadium
N-Way street,
Randfontein, Gauteng


September 23 2017
Coronation Park
Coronation Street,
Krugersdorp, Mogale City, Gauteng


The GoWest Festival keeps growing from Strength to Strength, This is our third time around and it’s always amazing especially performing in front of our home crowd. We had an amazing response the turn-up was great, this place is packed. Well done to the guys, the line-up was also spectacular.

Mafikizolo (Main Festival)

I feel very privileged to be performing amongst South Africa’s great artists, It is a real honour for me to be here to please the crowds and just enjoy myself.

Thebe (Main Festival)

The crowd was the best, GoWest Festival is the best, last year was great and today it’s even better, the love I always receive is overwhelming. Thank you so much for having me here; It’s such an honour.

Zahara (Main Festival)

It was Incredible, It’s all about the heritage month, and we are celebrating culture in the West side. The West came out to play no doubt.

Micasa (Main Festival)

We are in the West and you know what they say – You find the best in the west, I don’t know if that’s a real saying but that performance, that crowd was the best. Whenever I perform here I feel like I am at home, this is where I find Batswana, this is the closest place to ‘makhaya’, and this is my second home. Thank you for this opportunity, this is my third time around and I hope to rock many more. Go GoWest!

KhuliChana (Main Festival)

As you can see I just got off stage, let me tell you something… GoWest Rocks! Mogale City Rocks! This is it, I have been waiting for this moment, and this is where it’s happening.

Selaelo Selota (Main Festival)

I think it’s an amazing initiative; It’s humbling and so overwhelming for me to be a part of something like this.

Moneoa (Divas Concert)

I am happy to be back at the GoWest Festival, This is probably the only opportunity that I get to perform at this side of town and its wonderful for me and my fans as well, I can’t wait to get on stage and I saw that the vibe is crazy out there.

Lira (Divas Concert)

I had so much fun, I think the audience is spectacular, they are amazing people, very receptive, open hearted, that’s what one needs in the auditorium and that exactly what I got. I think GoWest! is a very good concept, it’s a ride on to the arts and all of that.

Gloria Bosman (Divas Concert)

As a Mogale City Resident, I live in Mogale City, It is important for me to support whatever Mogale City does. This is a wonderful initiative that they have called GoWest! I am definitely supporting it and have been supporting it for the past few years and today I am here to support in the very least way that I can by being the MC of the function.

Sophie Ndaba (Divas Concert)

It is such a privilege and an honour for me to be here, it is a great initiative and I believe it shouldn’t stop, it should go far, and it touches a lot of people.

Siphokazi (Divas Concert)

It was nice, it was very lively and the crowds were on point, it is a great initiative especially from the Arts and Culture Department because it bring out unknown talent.

Local music group (Divas Concert)

At first I was a bit nervous because it was my first time performing but at the same time I was proud of myself and felt confidant when I was on stage.

Destiny – Local Artist (Divas Concert)

It was a very nice event for the senior citizens of Westrand through GoWest! This has been the greatest event which we have ever seen, that was wonderful and thanks you for the day –

I enjoyed the day, it was very nice and I have enjoyed the nice food and music and dancing .

Senior Citizen (Senior citizens concert )

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