VIP Hospitality

Book yourself and your family and friends entrance to the VIP marquee at the 2017 GO WEST! Main Music Festival.

Managed by top celebrity and actress Sophie Ndaba, this year’s VIP experience promises to be something guests will talk about for a long time.



  • VIP Hospitality booking closes at 17:00, Wednesday the 20th September 2017
  • ALL Booking Forms must have been received by ZenOne Productions (Pty) Ltd on or before 17:00, Wednesday, 21 September, to secure your table/seats
  • Companies are invited to book a table of ten
  • Individual Couples (in their private capacity) are invited to book as couples (2 seats per couple)
  • Seats will only be confirmed – and VIP tickets collected – once full payment has been received and reflects in our bank account

VIP package

  1. Park-n-ride bus transfer starting at 10 am from Bob Van Reenen Stadium to Coronation Park, Krugersdorp (return to Bob Van Reenen Stadium running until 1 am Sunday morning).
  2. Registration desk manned by a GO WEST! hostess.
  3. Private security.
  4. Canapés.
  5. Lunch and dinner.
  6. Full local bar until 12 midnight.


If you require any additional information regarding the VIP Hospitality venue or the Go West Programme, please contact Naledi or Dudu on 011-658 1356